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Students preparing a rainbow wrap
​Students preparing a rainbow wrap
Jamie Oliver-Food Revolution Day: “Let’s get excited about food”.
On Friday the 16th of May, 17 very forward thinking Tinana State school students joined in a very exciting day of health and food: Food Revolution Day, developed by celebrity chef: Jamie Oliver.
Food Revolution day is a campaign that spans the globe, with over 74 Countries being involved to date and run across the USA, UK and here in Australia.
Food revolution day is a day calling all kids, families and grown-ups to join in a day of cooking, sharing their love of food, making it fun and inspiring others to get excited.
It costs millions of dollars each year to cope with diet related diseases, and it’s all-preventable through simple changes to the diet and eating habits.
Learning how to cook from scratch is an important part of a child’s real life education. It decreases the amount of fast foods they eat, they make healthier food choices, they perform better at school and at home and it decrease the chances of obesity and ill health. 
The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation states that children who learn to cook before the age of eight are highly likely to prepare as many as FIVE meals a week themselves later in adult life.
“Cooking is, without a doubt, one of the most important skills a person can ever learn. Once someone has that knowledge, that’s it-they’re set for life” Jamie Oliver.
The joy of cooking used to be a family tradition that was passed down from generation to generation, but these days many people lack even the most basic cooking skills.
Let’s start again and reignite this invaluable life aid for our children and community. It could be as simple as passing on a much loved recipe.
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For more information about the event at Tinana State School and a free rainbow salad wrap recipe, email Frau Lindner at